This project is a personal initiative conceived by Dr. Mandefro Eshete and Dr. Sebel Demissew. The major objective of this initiative is to create a forum where research outputs, legislations, and decisions on IP are published. The journal and the study series are the two major outputs which allow the project achieve this objective. Though these publications publish mainly Africa related items, they will also entertain items which focus on issues from developing countries elsewhere. The idea is to foster a South - South discussion which allows experience sharing among nations in the South.

The project does not promote the interest of any group whatsoever and is conceived and launched for the sole purpose of professional discussion. In doing so utilizing IP as an asset so as to contribute towards the development of the continent is kept in mind. As a result of this principle, assessment of contributions is done with utmost neutrality.

In order to ensure the quality of the journal and the study series, the forum has two major organs. These are the advisory and the editorial boards. These boards are assisted by the office of the managing editor, which again will be assisted by research assistants and consultants.